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IX International Scientific Conference “E-Governance & E-Communications”
13-16 June 2017 in the town of Sozopol, Bulgaria.

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Video S Vice Rector NIS assoc. Prof.  Kralov found "Days of Science TU-2013" with a live broadcast on the university network

Video S "The Challenges of E-University" by Vice Rector assoc. Prof. Kralov - Report V-MNC "E-governance-2013"


Prof. Marin Hristov, rector of TU-Sofia greeted by videoconference participants in two international conferences:
th ISC in E-governance and X
-th ISC for Management and Engineering, Sozopol, 2012

III INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCE “e-Governance” - 2011 S Video 90 min Proceedings 2011, Proceedings 2010




Prof. Marin Hristov, Rector of TU greeted by videoconference participants in two international conferences: III-ISC E-governance and
IX ISC Management and Engineering, Sozopol, 06.20.2011
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Conference Proceedings
"E-government 2010"

Lecture by Professor M. Aladjem to students of "Public Administration" and "Business Management" opportunities and development of electronic administration demonstration in real time of the operating system services and user experience for electronic services by the municipality.
Video of the lecture. Photo-1 . Photo-2.


Lively discussion in presenting the real results
of the virtual "Centre for Research and Education in E-government", headed by prof. R. Tsankova.




.             St
Prof. R. Tsankova handed a diploma issued by the Summer School.
The Summer School - 2010
Remote videoconference plenary session
.                      Conference on E-governance - 2009


Technical University - Sofia        R & DS - Research & Education Centre for E-Governance

In accordance with the research experience and specificity of the TU-Sofia, the following complex tasks are assigned:

- Initializing and organizing centre for research and education in E-governance.  
- Initialize and organizing the integration between research and training in e-governance.
- Conducting scientific and applied research on the development of interactive systems for electronic management of processes in industrial enterprises, business and administration.
- Provide and achieve a scientific and modern training in the field of e-governance for bachelors, masters, doctoral students, young researchers, teachers and representatives of business and administration.
- Promoting joint work of several research groups and the development of conceptual models and solutions in the field of eGovernment.
- Dissemination of experience from research, implementation and training on electronic management through periodic forums (conferences, workshops, virtual events).
- Expression as an integrator in the organization and work of European networks for e-governance. . .


Virtual Library

The virtual library is established within the framework of the Research & Education Centre for E-Governance at the TU – Sofia.

Its principal aim is to gather and disseminate analytical materials and good practices for innovative solutions in the field of management of administrative processes.

The focal point of the attention is on good governance of the state, municipal and business administration, including electronic solutions in the administrative practice and public-private partnership.

It is conceived that the library will assist the applied scientific research and the formation of contemporary knowledge and understanding of the modernized administration.

The library is intended to serve the needs of state, civil and business servants, as well as students, who are preparing for a career in the public domain.

It is enriched through a selection of materials exemplifying the European and world experience along with our innovative approaches.


1. State administration

The new vision

Public policies

Human Resource Management

Performance evaluation

2. Local administration

Decentralization and good governance

Horizons for development

Municipal policies
Administrative services

3. Specific E-solutions in the administrative practice

Conceptual framework
Electronic government
E-region and E-municipality
Presentations and conferences


4. Public-private partnership

Win-win scenario
National practices
Municipal decisions


5. Environment relationship of the business organization:
Customer Relationship Management – Modern marketing forms, 1to1 Marketing; Mass Customization; Customer Relationship Management Systems etc.;
Enterprise Resources Planning – Supply Chain Management; Vendor Managed Inventories; Demand Chain Management etc.;
Business Partnership Management  – subcontracting; outsourcing; extended enterprises; virtual enterprises; joint ventures; strategic alliances; business networks etc.;
E- Business models and forms.

6. Аdministrative management of the business organization resources:
Material resources administrative management;
Human resources administrative management;
Financial resources administrative management;
Information resources administrative management;
Work Flow Management;
Enterprise Contends Management.

7. Business organization  Improvement:
Lean Thinking in organization’s  activities and processes;
Business Processes Reengineering and continuous  improvement;
Business processes and activities modeling;
Total Quality Management Systems;
Zero defects Production and Six Sigma Systems.

8.Business production system management:
Pull Production Systems;
Cellular Manufacturing Systems
One Piece Flow manufacturing;
Agile Manufacturing Systems;
Lean Manufacturing Systems;
Operation management systems at implementation of strategies Build-to-Order;
Operation management systems at implementation of strategies Assembly-to-Order;
Shop Floor Management Systems at implementation of management strategies;
Modern methods for Shop Floor Dispatching – Radio Frequency Identification, Manufacturing Execution Systems.

9. Business organization products lifecycle management:
Management of the initial fuzzy phase of innovation process;
Product portfolio management, modularity, platforms etc.;
Computed Aided Design of products and Processes;
Concurrent Engineering Methods;
Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Manufacturing Methods;
Commercialization strategies.

10. Business organization finances management:
Financial Planning and budgeting;
Cash Flow Management;
Capital budgeting;
Management and financial auditing and controlling.

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