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Reference Details / Справка подробна
Георги Манлиев, "Handbook on Performance Management", Ministry of Finance, Finland .

Abstract / Резюме:
This paper presents handbook. It contains all element of modern performance analysis in the public sector. The handbook presents in logical way all steps in performance management, starting from defining performance target to be achieved, what kind of criterii to be used for appraisal, what budget resource has to be planned, reaching performance agreement between the principal and agent, the way to measure the output of the activities, as well main indicators, performance reporting what have been done and achieved, final evaluation of performance report though impact assessment.

Keywords / Ключови думи:
performance management, performance accountability, performance target and basic performance criteria, performance budget, performance agreement, performance indicators and measurement and indicators, performance reporting, evaluation and impact assessment

  Document Link / Документ: http://www.vm.fi/vm/en/04_publications_and_documents/01_publications/10_governance_and_accountability/20050913Handbo/Handbook.pdf

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