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Abstract / Резюме:
The task of the Working Group was to devise a strategy for developing management in central government for the years 2002 - 2012 and an ancillary implementation plan. This strategy constitutes a follow-up of the Government resolution of 30th August 2001 on the principles of State personnel policy. The objectives of the proposed strategy can be concisely expressed by the following vision: “Professional management guarantees the productivity, wellbeing and constant renewal of government operating units. Systematic development of management ensures the availability of future leaders and their commitment to a common management culture”. The objective of the strategy drawn up by the Working Group is a reform of the management of central government both as a whole and of its different parts. A common value and know-how basis constitutes the guidelines for the development strategy. The Working Group presents the following strategic proposals: 1. Top management duties shall be for a fixed term. The time spent in one job shall not exceed eight years. This change shall not reduce job security. 2. Personal management contracts shall be concluded for all top managers in the central government in accordance with the following principles: - the contracts shall be concluded for a fixed term of four years; - the contracts shall be reviewed annually in connection with performance appraisals and they shall be evaluated in their entirety six months before the expiry of the term of office. 3. Management in central government shall be developed on the basis of a common model, which shall include competence objectives and implementation principles for each target group. 4. The efficiency and leadership of management shall be assessed on the basis of a common framework. 5. The development, use and mobility of common management resources shall be improved. Specific top management posts, to be separately defined, shall be transformed to transferable posts within central government. 6. Management in central government shall be enhanced by means of common development services. In the years to come a large proportion of management will retire. Mainly for that reason a systematic and extensive development programme for management is both topical and necessary. Demands for increased productivity, the challenges of the information society, the challenges for management and the general requirements for a reform of central government and for its exemplary implementation constitute further critical success factors during the period covered by the strategy.

Keywords / Ключови думи:
professional status, managerial competences, managerial contracts,performance appraisal,managerial efficiency and leadershipcommonmanagerai culture

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