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Reference Details / Справка подробна
Christopher Politt, "Making quality sustainable: co-design, co-decide, co-produce and co-evaluate The quality journey to 4QC", Minsitry of Finance .

Abstract / Резюме:
The article presents the radical change in policy making process through involving the concerned parties-business organizations,NGO, trade unions and others. In line with concept of sharing power the authors developed a new concept names participative government. They argue that participation of concerned parties is powerful tool for quality improvement in government actions in all levels.

Keywords / Ключови думи:
old quality model, new model-4 QC,policy design, .policy decisions, policy implementation policy evaluation, change in the model of public management ,participation of concerned partners in policy making cycle

  Document Link / Документ: http://www.vm.fi/vm/en/04_publications_and_documents/01_publications/04_public_management/20071019Making/VM_4_QC_Loppuraportti_Nettipdf.pdf

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