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Reference Details / Справка подробна
Bo Rothstein, "The Quality of Government –A Comparative Approach", University of Gothenburg.

Abstract / Резюме:
Current publications from the World Bank, the United Nations Economic and Social Development organization, and other similar international institutions emphasize the importance of good governance, which is probably their way of achieving a politically correct circumlocution for “eliminating corruption” (Easterly 2001, s. 242). However, not only political scientists but also several leading economists have started to point at the quality of government institutions as an essential variable (Adrserà, Boix, and Payne 2001; Rodrik 1999; La Porta et al. 1999; Easterly 2001; Stephen 2001). High quality government institutions is not only important for developing countries and the former socialist countries in Europe, but also for the OECD countries. There are still large differences among the developed countries that need to be explained (Rothstein and Stolle 2003; Rothstein 2003, 2003).

Keywords / Ключови думи:
quality of government,definition, good governance, comparative

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