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Department of Economic and Social Affairs, New York, " From E-government to Connected Governance, UN survey 2008", Department of Economic and Social Affairs, New York.

Abstract / Резюме:
The Survey examines the idea of connected governance as the means to achieve maximum cost savings and improved service delivery. The underlying principle is to improve the internal workings of the public sector by reducing financial costs and transaction time, to better manage the work flow and processes, to improve institutional linkages between different government agencies, ministries and units and enable a better flow of resources and allocation of responsibilities to promote the delivery of public services.By bringing issues of connected governance to the mainstream of development thinking,the Survey intends to stimulate thinking and debate around an important issue: that egovernment has great potential for public sector transformation.

Keywords / Ключови думи:
Connected governance, The UN E-government index2008, The Web measures index, stages of E-government evolution, the E-participation concept, E-information, E-consultation, E-decision-making; Regional E-government index, Back office issues in E –government operations.

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