Конференция Е-Управление 2011
Research & Education Centre for E-Governance at the R & DS of Technical University - Sofia - Конференция Е-Управление 2011
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Е-Управление 2011

Prof. R. Tsankova
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Prof. R. Tsankova
Prof. T. Kralev.
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Prof. T. Kralev.
Image Detail Camera Information Comment Image
Assoc. Prof. D. Dimitrakiev
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Assoc. Prof. D. Dimitrakiev
Prof. R. Tsankova
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Prof. R. Tsankova
Prof. R. Tsankova
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Prof. R. Tsankova
Prof. M. Velev
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Prof. M. Velev
Assoc. Prof. I. Dakov
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Assoc. Prof. I. Dakov
К. Гребенаров
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К. Гребенаров
Assoc. Prof. I. Kralov
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Assoc. Prof. I. Kralov
Prof. T. Kralev
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Prof. T. Kralev
Prof. L. Mladkova
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Prof. L. Mladkova
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Prof. I. Macerinskiene
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Prof. I. Macerinskiene
Prof. D. Bernatonyte
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Prof. D. Bernatonyte
Assoc. Prof. A. Pabedinskaite
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Assoc. Prof. A. Pabedinskaite
Prof. N. Lace
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Prof. N. Lace
Assoc. Prof. E. Sofianova
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Assoc. Prof. E. Sofianova
Доц. И. Палигоров
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Доц. И. Палигоров

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