Good practices


Contribution good practices

Publication of a good practice requires a registration in the website with name and password.

The author can send materials, but cannot edit them.

Each material from the virtual library comprises:

formatted identification part, abstract, full text of the material.

The IDENTIFICATION PART contains information about:
title of the good practice (innovation);
file name /text in Latin letters with extension .doc (.pdf) /, consist of: the number of the direction from the “Subject-Matter” (figure from 1 to 4), the first sixth letters of the title, the last two digits of the phone of the first author, two initials letters that stand for the surname and name of the first author, date (digits from 1 to 31) and .doc (.pdf); In the entry record (in the input field) before the file name add prefix bib
Example:    bib/4prakti23vg12.doc

The file with the thus created name must be saved on Your computer.
Instead of file name can be saved Internet-WEB-address. For example: 
е-mail, address of the e-mail of the author of the material;
the organization, which has provided the good practice;
key words – up to 7-8 separate words;
name and surname of the author (authors).

The ABSTRACT presents with 7-8 sentences the content of the proposed practice. It includes information about: the aim of the practice, the activity that it concerns, the target group to which it relates, description of the innovation and the actual results achieved.


» The Identification together with the Abstract shall be sent by opening the menu Virtual Library/Catalog and by choosing the function New bibliography (bottom right).


The FULL TEXT of the material should be submitted in a volume of not more than 10 pages, in the following structure, if possible:

• situation prior to the innovation (practice)
• objectives set in the development of the innovation
• method of realization (development of methodology, etc.)
• key players in the creation of the innovation

• description of the innovation (practice)
• results achieved and transformation undergone after the introduction of the innovation
• factors contributed to the successful implementation of the innovation
• assessment of the soundness of the practice and opportunities for dissemination

• assessment of the participants in the development of the innovation (practice) does it generate new ideas for innovation?

of the material is sent with the file name assigned in the identification part (no prefix /bib) by executing the following actions: Browse - Finding the file on your computer and then Send (Upload) - Send a file in the library.



You must be a registered user before send files